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Welcome To Adulthood is Under Construction

Hi there,

Mara here. Something’s going on with Welcome to Adulthood. I can’t seem to get it back up and running!

I’m working out the kinks to see what can be done. If you end up SEEING this blog entry, consider that a good sign.

Stay tuned!

Coming Up on Adulthood

It’s all happening!

* Tomorrow is my SITS DAY!! Adulthood is small surprises. Stay tuned!

* Saturday I’ll post a really provocative and thoughtful piece featuring a candid male perspective on a single man’s life post-heart break. This is a new guest blogger you won’t want to miss!

Coming Up: Adulthood and the Uninsured

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. After my dog bite, I had another traumatic medical incident. In the haze of the subsiding pain and antibiotic cloudiness, I had an idea for an interesting entry that I think may add another nuance to our ongoing conversation of adulthood.

Stay tuned.

[photo via  http://www.flickr.com/photos/angel_ina/]

Wordless Wednesday: Adulthood is Expensive!

Coming Up: Making a Meal and Other Lessons on Growing Up

Guest Blogger, Danna Belski[*], has sent in a post that is as delicious as it is meaningful. She talks about what making a meal means to her in adulthood AND she gives us an easy recipe for one of her favorite meals — which is complete, right down to the Apple Cinnamon Role dessert. (YUM!)

Stay tuned!

[*] Danna is no stranger to Adulthood. In fact, you have seen her in the process of getting her back tattooed in all its morning-glory-pain-and-beauty in the entry found here. Ahh, that was a good one!

Blogging From A Phone: Live Blogging from Bloggy Boot Camp

My computer is still broken (drat, you motherboard) so I have been remiss in blogging. This weekend I am in Scottsdale at the SITS Girls Bloggy Boot Camp, rededicating myself to the art of blogging and to the important content that we discuss here on Adulthood. In fact, I am currently blogging from the conference as we speak!! The presenters are fellow lady-bloggers with a huge reader base and they have so many interesting things to share! For example, they are currently talking all about SEO and search engine crawlers.

Lots more to come from the Bloggy Boot Camp! Stay tuned…

Geek Squad – Phone Update #2

You never fully realize how reliant on technology you are until you have to go without it.

My computer (as well as BF’s computer, cooincidentally)is still broken but I promise to update soon! Help Geek Squad!

Broken Computer

Well, folks, my computer is broken. It is a pretty new computer, so I am confident that if I take it in to be repaired it can be fixed, but until then I am blogging from my iPhone.

But, I had to announce some very exciting news. Nicole and I are attending Bloggy Bootcamp! We will be attending the Phoenix conference, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. I will learn all sorts of great things to help me improve my blog, including SEO (an acronym I have seen many times but have never understood what it is).

We are also planning on making it a girls’ weekend, and hopefully will stay at the resort where the seminar is just so we can mingle with people, lay by the pool, and have a mini-vacation.

Are you a girl blogger? If so, I highly recommend checking out one of these event locations. Or, better yet, join us in Phoenix!

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